ENCORA - European Network for Coastal Research Co-ordination Action – is a European funded initiative that essentially acts as a “network of networks”, linking national coastal networks across Europe. Through ENCORA national coastal networks in 13 European countries, will work together to enable easier access to the knowledge and experience of your European colleagues on coastal processes, practices and policies. Ireland will be represented in ENCORA through the Irish Coastal Network (ICoNet).

The objectives of ENCORA include the following:
• Dissemination of knowledge within and between the communities of coastal science and coastal practice
• Benchmarking of science support to policy making
• Development and sharing of good practices for knowledge-based policy making
• Identification of common urgent coastal issues
• Development of European initiatives to address these issues
• Sharing coastal research capacities
• Facilitate access to data and research infrastructures
• Harmonisation of practice and policy oriented research programme's.

ENCORA offers participants of ICoNet access to a range of tools and services, including for example:

Coastal WIKI

A web-based encyclopaedia resource tailored to the needs of coastal and marine users. The Wiki is an easy to navigate resource containing over 1,000 pages of up-to-date high quality information on the coastal and marine environment. The content of the Wiki is continuously updated and improved. The option to submit information and content to the Wiki is open to all, and is quality assured by an editorial team. Weblink

Contacts Database

An opportunity to add information on your institute/organisation/research area, which is make accessible to the wider coastal and marine community of Europe. Once registered the database allows you to search for individuals / organisations from across Europe. Weblink

Young Professional Exchange Programme

This programme provides grants to a maximum value of €750 for networking, conference / seminar attendance, training courses, and exchange of personnel between coastal and marine institutes across Europe. To enquire about eligibility criteria, please contact your National Contact Point. Weblink

Web Search

This tool allows users to search a range of coastal management related web sites for specific information. Users can define and limit their search requests using a number of categories. Weblink

To obtain further information on the full range of services and tools provided by ENCORA, please visit the ENCORA website or contact the ICoNet office.