ICoNet Background

The Irish Coastal Network (ICoNet) evolved from two INTERREG IIA projects which were completed in 2004, namely: CoCoNet (Coastal Communities Network); and CZMNet (Coastal Zone Management Network). The Wexford Declaration was launched following a joint workshop of both projects held in Wexford. The Declaration, which represented the common view of CoCoNet and CZMNet project participants, sought to raise awareness of coastal issues and increase political support for coastal management in Ireland. One of the key measures outlined in the Declaration was a call to “support and promote coastal networks in achieving ICZM at all levels.”

From CoCoNet and CZMNet emerged a clear demand and enthusiasm for a network amongst Ireland’s coastal community. Further information can be obtained from the CoCoNet final report. In 2006, following support from the member organisations of the Organisational Structure and success in obtaining funding from coastal management projects, including ENCORA, the Irish Coastal Network was officially launched.

ICoNet represents the Irish component of ENCORA - the European platform for sharing knowledge and experience in coastal science, policy and practice. ENCORA comprises sixteen national coastal networks from Europe and North Africa, and thematic networks. ICoNet participants can avail of the range of services and tools provided through ENCORA. ENCORA is an FP6 programme initiative.